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Merry Gothmas Bath Bomb

Merry Gothmas Bath Bomb

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Embrace the darker delights of the holiday season with our enchanting Merry Gothmas Christmas Tree Bath Bomb. This unique and captivating bath bomb, shaped like a hauntingly elegant Christmas tree, brings a touch of mystique and sophistication to your bathing ritual.

Infused with a blend of intriguing scents that merge the warmth of spiced cranberries with the subtle allure of black vanilla, this bath bomb is a celebration of contrasts, embodying the spirit of a Gothic holiday fantasy.

As it dissolves in the water, the Merry Gothmas Christmas Tree Bath Bomb releases a captivating fragrance that fills the air, creating an atmosphere of dark enchantment. The scent lingers, evoking a sense of mystery and sophistication that adds a unique dimension to your bathing experience.

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