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Orange Creamsicle Bubble Scoops (1 piece)

Orange Creamsicle Bubble Scoops (1 piece)

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This listing is for 1 bubble scoop. 

Scented in orange Creamsicle. 

Nt. Weight: 2 oz

To use: Before starting the bath, break off a portion of the bubble bar or crumble it under running water. You can use the whole bar or save some for future baths. 

Hold the crumbled or broken piece of the bubble bar under the tap while running warm water into the bathtub. The agitation from the water will help create luscious bubbles.

As the tub fills, watch as the bubble bar creates a frothy sea of bubbles. The aroma will start to fill the air, creating a soothing and immersive experience.

Ingredients: Baking soda, Glycerine, SLSA,  Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Colorant, Fragrance Oil. 

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